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Showing a curated sample of 50 investors in the ESports market. Want to see the complete list? Go Pro How to invest in esports. Investors have many options for participating in the growing esports industry. The easiest way to invest is to buy stocks in major publishers. They can also invest in esports organizations or tournaments, which are visited by thousands of enthusiastic gamers. Another option is for them to establish a partnership with esports organizations, publishers or players to raise awareness of their brand or ensure profitable returns in the long term On Tuesday, the year 2019 came to a close, and with it a year in which The Esports Observer tracked $1.95B USD in esports investments. While this is a decrease from the previous year in which we tracked a record sum of $4.52B, $1.9B of that sum is attributed to disclosed investments made by Tencent Holdings throughout 2018. In comparison, the company only invested $40M in disclosed esports transactions during 2019 Thesis: Built by founders for founders, BITKRAFT is a global early- and mid-stage investment platform for gaming, esports, and interactive media. We focus on Seed, Series A, and Series B investments in game studios, interactive platforms, and immersive technology. Learn more about BITKRAFT's vision here

Investors in Philadelphia (PA) Investors in Advertising, Investors in E-commerce, Investors in Gaming/eSports (Seed), Investors in IoT, Investors in MarketingTech, Investors in New York City (Other Lists), Investors in Social Networks, Investors in Travel. + 7 Between 2014 and 2016, the number of people following eSports online and on TV jumped from 204 million to 292 million, according to eSports data tracker Newzoo. Revenue has kept pace - growing. The potential for growth in the esports industry means that the sector was a great choice for investors in 2020 and could be the stock to invest in, once again, for 2021. That said, we have to pay a little attention to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and bear these effects in mind when investing in esports in 2021 Esports Investment Group is a a data driven infrastructure, keeping share of the revenue generated by shared services to its clients. On the other hand, as a market maker, we understand the importance of paying back to various market participants

This is just the beginning of esports' momentous rise. At PMML we aim to provide investors access to the rapidly growing esports market through our diversified holding structure. As an investor, owner operator, and advisor we are focused on enhancing long term value for all stakeholders. We are former esports pro's, software developers, serial entrepreneurs, capital markets professionals and marketing experts Investieren in E-Sport Mit dem Investmentthema Video Gaming and E-Sport können Anleger in Unternehmen investieren, die nennenswerte Umsätze mit Videospielen und E-Sport erzielen. Auf dieser Themenseite finden Sie nützliche Informationen wie die verfügbaren ETFs, die Top-10-Bestandteile der ETFs und einen Indexvergleich zum MSCI World Index

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Contrary to common perception, esports is not simply a phenomenon occurring in the basements of unemployed twentysomethings; the industry is real, growing globally, and investable. In fact, over 380 million people watch esports worldwide both online and in person 2) www.esportsinvestor.com provides investment news and analysis focussed solely on eSports companies and start-ups. eSports is thought to be the next big technology investment play and is currently undergoing explosive growth. 3) The website includes views and analysis of listed eSports companies and up and coming eSports Start-Ups

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  1. g series. This game is the first eSport to be promoted by a professional sporting team which makes it a great option for investors. Their revenues rose to nearly $1 billion this year. [ 1
  2. Team SoloMid gehört zu den bekanntesten eSports-Brands der Welt. Nun soll eine weitere Investorenrunde der Organisation neue Millionen bescheren
  3. Investors who own diversified portfolios of stocks probably already have holdings in companies with at least some exposure to esports -- particularly investors who own exchange-traded funds (ETFs),..
  4. Of the 54 investors who have more than one eSports investment, 39 of those are VC's (15 are angel or strategic investors). I've listed the VCs who are active — have invested in more than one.
  5. Esports companies are beginning to list publicly on stock exchanges around the globe and esports stocks and esports ETFs are now available for investors, further signs of industry maturity. The esports industry needs this interest from big brands, investors, and fans in order to drive its success further and become an equal rival to the traditional sports sector, and with as much validity
  6. Esports provides a host of investment opportunities, including professional teams and leagues, real estate, media production/exhibition, technology infrastructure and a host of other avenues. Further, brands are allocating much larger portions of their marketing budgets toward esports given that they can reach a lucrative target demographic (39% of viewers are between the ages of 25-34). Due.

This investment is expected to make it the esports capital of the world. Moreover, Hangzhou is going to host Asian Games in 2022, where esports is expected to be an official medal event. With its investments, China is expected to become to hold significant market share. Further, Tencent Holdings Limited, a significant player in the eSports industry, is headquartered in China and played an. Franklin Derek Lew (known as Derek Lew), Non-Executive Director (Age 50) Derek Lew is an active esports investor and the Chairman of Blue Star Capital PLC (BLU:AIM). Derek is a venture capital investor and is the President and CEO of Growthworks Capital Limited, one of Canada's leading venture capital firms with over $900M (CAD) invested For eSports, 2018 was a record year in both numbers of investments and investment dollars. Over $4.5 billion was invested in the industry in 2018 alone. While this headline number is certainly significant, it's the composition of these investors that also offers interesting insights THE FUTURE WHY INVEST IN ESPORTS Global Market Growth By 2022, the global market will grow to $196.0 billion with a CAGR (2018-2022) of +9.0%. REGIONAL BREAKDOWN OF GLOBAL GAME REVENUES TOWARD 2022 (NewZoo 2019) Increasing Investment Potential Composition of investors is indicative of the maturation of the industry and its growing mainstream appeal from [

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  1. Esports valuations have flatlined to an average $240 million, investors have cooled, and companies are scrambling to diversify
  2. The Esports One Founder NFT will only be available to the first 500 investors that also signed up on the waiting list. So, if you're planning on investing, make sure you get on the list! Once the campaign goes live you'll have 72 hours to invest. Otherwise, the next person in line will be awarded the Founder's NFT. This is super important
  3. Investors have flocked to the esports space in the last 12-18 months. This is evidenced by the number of investors (nearly 400) that have invested in the space, whether it be in startups, or teams.
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The Esports industry represents a very exciting investment opportunity in today's market. Contact Gfinity PLC today and find out more Invest in our crowdfunding, and become a co-owner of Fnatic. Learn more. Watch now Invest into the Future. Esports is the Future. Esports is a merger of technology and sport, and all sports at their core are games. Competitive gaming as a sport is now bigger than ever. Year on year, live viewership has grown by over 90%. Sales of games far outstrip combined sales of music and movies - and the. Esports Technologies Properties: Go to Game Stay to Win! Online wagering property producing more than $10M + in regulated annual wagers in the Asia-Pacific region, via our Curacao license. Free to play esports wagering game where customers can engage, challenge other fans and learn about predicting esports match outcomes ESL One Hamburg 2019 has been wrapped up, and a new team has been crowned Champions. As one of the first major tournaments post-International, both fans and players alike were keen to see the results of countless roster reshuffles and transfers. Time for the recap! Article. 75 StarCraft®II celebrates a Decade as a Leading Title on Intel® Extreme Masters . October 29, 2019 in StarCraft II. The Esports Observer recently released a list of the top 10 esports related investments of 2019. Furthermore, total disclosed funding to-date for teams and their operating companies hit values such as $72.5M for aXiomatic Gaming (Team Liquid), $70M for Cloud9, $60M for 100 Thieves, $55M for Envy Gaming, and so on. To be clear, teams have raised higher amounts of money and the shown values also.

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The 3 types of esports investor: sports teams, celebrities, and moguls. Elevate your enterprise data technology and strategy at Transform 2021. Over the last decade, esports have moved from being. Esports investment report, March 2021 Rivalry announces $20m funding round Credit: Rivalry. Toronto-based esports betting platform Rivalry has announced the completion of a $20m funding round to scale its operations and country licensing programme. According to the release, the funding round comprised institutional investors from Canada, the United States, the European Union, and an unnamed. Nuvei: Enhancing esports investments. By. Henrieta Hyrliková. -. June 18, 2021. For years, most traditional sponsorship deals have been fairly simple. Brands have tended to pay organisations for promotion, with team jerseys being the hottest spot for logo placement, usually taken by the biggest fish. Compared to advertisements, there's. NRG is a professional gaming and entertainment company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2015, NRG has embodied competitive esports excellence and the best of gaming culture over the last half-decade. Known for championship teams and innovative gaming lifestyle content, NRG is one of the most-watched organizations in the world on Twitch and YouTube

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  1. His investment referred to the esports organization as a lifestyle brand and apparel company. In March 2019, Drake announced another esports investment. This time it was Player's Lounge, an esports startup focused on betting. The startup closed $3 million in funding thanks to Drake and some other Silicon Valley investors, including Comcast and Macro Ventures. Visual Stories around the web.
  2. Roundhill Investments is a registered investment adviser and ETF sponsor focused on thematic and sector-specific investing. We create thoughtful investment products designed to help investors express their vision of the future. Roundhill is built on the primary tenets of investor education, full transparency and open communication
  3. How to Invest in Esports by Buying Shares Through a Broker. Today, you can buy eSports stocks from the comfort of your home. Let's review the steps for how to buy shares through an online broker. Step One - Open a Brokerage Account. A brokerage account is an investment account opened with an online broker and allows you to trade stocks and other financial instruments. As an investor's.
  4. Top Esports Deals and Investments in 2020 and 2021. Friday, May 28, 2021. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the esports community has witnessed an explosive year of investment growth in 2020 and.
  5. The best place to watch LoL Esports and earn rewards! This website stores data such as cookies to enable essential site functionality, as well as marketing, personalization, and analytics. By remaining on this website you indicate your consent
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esports investment vehicle Rewired.GG pours €34 million total into Team Vitality, a leading European esports team boasting top international players. Read More. News. Team Vitality wins the European edition of IEM Beijing-Haidian! Laczy Nas Pasja 22/11/2020 Team Vitality, Renault, Stade de France Establish Training Facility. Esports Observer 09/10/2020 Team Vitality moves up to No. 1 in HLTV. Why Invest In eSports? The world of eSports has a bright future. These video game competitions are easy to access and watch online. They're also very popular with young people. eSports viewership has grown significantly over the past few years. If viewership continues to follow year-on-year growth, we can expect to see over 495 million viewers of eSports in 2020. The challenges brought on by.

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Competitive video gaming - a.k.a. eSports - is expected to be a $1 billion market by 2019. Here's what you should look out for if you decide to make an investment Esports, otherwise known as electronic sports, is where players compete in sports games or competitions by using video games. Following a huge rise in popularity and industry revenue in the 2010s, investing in esports companies and trading on esports stocks has become increasingly popular As esports continues to grow, becomes more lucrative, and spreads its alluring appeal around the globe, it's no surprise athletes, celebrities and corporations are investing in the industry. With viewership in the hundreds of millions, filled stadiums, and multi-million dollar prize pools, you would be crazy to be within the capacity to investment in pro gaming only to ignore it. The esports. Esports & Gaming Virtual Investor Conference. Thursday, April 29, 2021 Watch Presentations & Learn More About Upcoming Presenters. Register or Login Now. Event Sponsor. Agenda 9:15 AM ET. Keynote Presentation - Video Gaming & Esports: Taking Media and Entertainment to the Next Level . Edward Lopez, Managing Director, Head of ETF Product John Patrick Lee, ETF Product Manager. 10:00 AM ET. @LCSOfficial @Cloud9 @100T_Esports @TeamLiquidLoL @Verizon @JamesDash @esports_kobe Is this even a real question? @Cloud9 you seeing this? 2 202. TSM FTX @TSM - 17 Jun. WATCH THE FULL VIDEO NOW: t.co/cd7jH0lXRe. 1 68. TSM FTX @TSM - 17 Jun. IS @bjergsen THE MOST TOXIC? IS @spicalol THE MOST FASHIONABLE? Find out the most from our LCS roster in our @GEICOGaming Superlatives special! t.

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Esports -- which turns video-game playing into a money-making spectator sport -- is still in its infancy, and investors have a number of ways to play this emerging trend Der VanEck Vectors Video Gaming and eSports UCITS ETF investiert in Aktien mit Fokus Technologie, Welt. Die Dividendenerträge im Fonds werden reinvestiert (thesauriert). Die Gesamtkostenquote liegt bei 0,55% p.a.. Die Wertentwicklung des Index wird im Fonds durch Erwerb der Indexbestandteile nachgebildet (Vollständige Replikation) So investiert der VanEck Vectors Video Gaming and eSports UCITS ETF A USD: The Fund's investment objective is to replicate, before fees and expenses, the price and yield performance of the MVIS. TGS Esports Inc. Announces Launch of TGS Mexico to Support Fast Growing Central American Customer Base. January. TGS Announces Upsizing of Strategic Financing to $2,000,000 Due to Strong Investor Demand. TGS Announces $1 Million Strategic Financing. December. TGS Esports Announces Completion of the Acquisition of Leading Competitive Esports Platform, Pepper Esports . TGS Esports Announces. Alpha Esports Tech (CSE:ALPA)(FRA:9HN) transforms the growing Esports community through its competitive gaming platform GamerzArena that offers tournaments, head-to-head betting, skill-based.

Investors are seeing value in this booming market of esports and streaming. 100 Thieves, founded by Matt 'Nadeshot' Haag - a former professional Call of Duty player - as an apparel company, enticed Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, whose money allowed Haag to launch 100 Thieves into an esports organization. Later, Drake and Scooter Braun joined in because Haag pitched the apparel. eSports Investments: Prep Your Gear For Your Assets. With the above taken into consideration, it's important to remember that eSports didn't become a part of the mainstream gaming atmosphere.

Although Esports has been around for years, it's only recently that people have been interested in investing in esports. If you'd like to capitalize on the increase in esports, we have two good ways for you to do it. But first, let's back up and look at what esports actually are Online Investor Relations Community. Esports Entertainment Group maintains a 24/7/365 online investor relations community for shareholders and prospective shareholders to ask questions, receive answers or review the questions and answers of other shareholders in a fully moderated environment. Please view and use the links below Le groupe FIMALAC, principal sponsor du fonds Trust Esport, est contrôlé à 100% par Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière, et gère un actif net de 4,3 milliards d'euros, autour de 5 pôles d'activités : le capital investissement avec Warburg Pincus, les médias digitaux avec Webedia (229 millions de visiteurs uniques mensuels), le spectacle et.

Investors interested in companies that are focused more specifically on esports and gaming may want to look at smaller-cap stocks. The ASX is home to multiple options there as well. A few are. ESL Investments is a privately owned hedge fund based in Greenwich, Connecticut.ESL Investments are not associated with ESL International, the stock market investment technology company. History. ESL Investments is managed by Edward Lampert, who found it in April 1988 and named it after his initials.The firm invests in the American public equity and hedging markets

Die eSports-Organisation 100 Thieves von Matt Nadeshot Haag bekommt Unterstützung durch den US-amerikanischen Rapper Drake und Investor Scooter Braun Black Sheep Ventures is an investor in cutting edge high growth ventures in EdTech, Gaming and Blockchain Technology We look to invest in innovative and disruptive ventures in these areas. Experiences and technologies that provide access to new realities, be they virtual as those in gaming or real as those enabled by blockchain or both where the virtual and physical realms meet

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Since 2013, Cloud9 has become one of the most recognizable esports organizations in the world. With championships industry-wide, unmatched viewership hours, and extensive benefits packages for players and staff, Cloud9 prides itself on being the best in all categories. Games This Week . June 13 - June 20 Jun 14 | 6:00pm UTC British Hurricane C9. 2-0. Fusion University. Details. Cancelled. As esports becomes a bigger buzzword among Wall Street analysts, a top team owner says potential investors should focus on one key factor: Who builds community best? Sponsorships and brand deals.

Esports are here to stay, and investors are pumping millions of dollars into not only teams and leagues, but the very infrastructure that supports the emerging esports market. Here's a look at the. ESL Conversation Lesson Questions: Free classroom handouts. English lesson on INVESTMENTS. Use for debates, discussions, speaking, conversations, independent learning and more

Fund description: ESPO gives investors exposure to a diversified portfolio of the largest and most liquid companies involved in video game development, eSports and related hardware and software globally. ESPO aims to provide investment returns before fees and other costs which track the performance of the Index. Index description: The MVIS Global Video Gaming and eSports Index comprises. 27 April 2021. Semper Fortis Esports PLC (Semper Fortis Esports or the Company) Investor Presentation Semper Fortis Esports PLC (AQSE: SEMP), the esports company focused on establishing esports teams, forming brand and technology partnerships, and providing business to business advisory services, is pleased to announce that Kevin Soltani, CEO of Semper Fortis Esports, will host a live.

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Für den KFC Uerdingen gibt es offenbar keine Zukunft mehr. Der Verein kann die Auflagen der Lizenz für die 3. Liga nicht erfüllen. Das teilte der Verein am Mittwoch mit Early investors have since begun to second guess their investments—and the esports business in general. To date, there has not been a single large exit of a premier esports franchise (there have been several mergers and smaller team buyouts, and two teams went public via an IPO, including David Beckham's Guild Esports). It's worth noting no new major franchise slots have been made.

This list of companies and startups in the esports space provides data on their funding history, investment activities, and acquisition trends. Insights about top trending companies, startups, investments and M&A activities, notable investors of these companies, their management team, and recent news are also included Esports; Investment Summit; search quick menu. Login. AD-Free; Darkmode; Login; Submit. DK kkOma: We're exploring the best options to win, so in the future, you might see players in different lanes. Is it worth it: How much value is FTX really getting out of its $210M TSM deal? [Watch] Learning how to play KAY/O in 3 minutes or less (VALORANT agent guide) DK ShowMaker on the role swaps: I. G2 Esports and Bondly Partner to Launch Team's First NFT Series. Read Article. G2 VALORANT Roster Update. Read Article. Welcome to G2 Atlantis. Read Article. Fit Right in. Your fit, your style. Rep the #G2ARMY with pride! Browse Shop. G2 Army Flag 2021 $ 35.00. G2 Pro Kit Sleeve 2021 $ 30.00. G2 SAMURAI Hoodie - Black $ 69.95 $ 45.47. G2 SAMURAI Long Sleeve Tee - Black $ 49.95 $ 32.47. Watch. TF ESPORTS FIFA TURNIERE & LIGEN. Scroll. ÜBER UNS. Eine junge motivierte Gruppe aus leidenschaftlichen Spielern, haben es sich seit 2016 zur Aufgabe gemacht den eSports (FIFA) europaweit interessanter zu gestalten und voranzutreiben. Mit bis dato 74 Turnieren und gesamt 142.340€ Preisgeld, konnte man einige Teilnehmer glücklich machen. Jetzt Runterladen DIE TF ESPORTS APP. MEHR.

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Allied Esports (alliedesports.gg) is an award-winning, innovative esports company comprised of a global network of dedicated esports properties and content production facilities. Its mission is to connect players, streamers and fans around the world through integrated arenas, including its flagship venue, HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas, its fleet of mobile esports trucks, the HyperX Esports. Chester is also a part of esports investment and consultancy firm Esports Global. You can see a brief interview with Chester King on esports here. × . Elliot Bond. School and college liaison officer. Elliot has been building PCs and playing games from a young age, and is currently a high-ranked Grand Champion Rocket League player. He joined British Esports in 2019 from London's Mallinson. From ESL Pro League and League of Legends Worlds to the Overwatch League and Dota 2's The International, we offer the latest esports betting tips & predictions backed up by the stats you need. We've have award-winning virtual esports betting , and you can even play your favorite online casino games such as slots, blackjack and roulette with Unikrn Casino This list represents the top 100 games in esports with the most prize money based on information published on the internet. Sources include news articles, forum posts, live report threads, interviews, official statements, reliable databases, VODs and other publicly-accessable sources that preserve historical information

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Investing into the gaming industry and esports through an ETF will allow you to diversify and reduce the risk of investing into just one or two gaming stocks. As of June 2019, the ETF has yielded 18% returns YTD, mainly thanks to the strong growth in share price of AMD and Nintendo, both of which the ETF has a large portfolio in This list of startups in the esports space provides data on their funding history, investment activities, and acquisition trends. Insights about top trending companies, startups, investments and M&A activities, notable investors of these companies, their management team, and recent news are also included Designed for budding esports stars from the age of 11+, it is closely modelled on proven sports academy systems, including those pioneered by the U.K.'s leading football clubs and MLS club, Inter Miami CF, also co-owned by David Beckham. Guild has also drawn on Beckham's first-hand experience with, and advice about football academies to create its own model specifically tailored to esports eSports ETFs Seeking to Win Over Investors. FACEBOOK TWITTER LINKEDIN By. Full Bio. Nathan Reiff has been writing expert articles and news about financial topics such as investing and trading. Deutscher eSport Transfermarkt. Die Team Spieler Vermittlung für Deutschsprachige. Hier findest du eSport Teams, Clans Teamfinder oder Spieler zu Spielen wie RB6, LoL, COD, Fortnite, Valorant, Dota2, Overwatch, Fifa oder Battlefiel

That's raised interest in video game stocks, including esports stocks. X. For investors, the video game market is divided into the pure play stocks of game publishers and the stocks of tech. Semper Fortis Esports is a multi-operational esports organization focusing on gaming technology solutions, brand enhancement and high growth team infrastructures. Semper Fortis translates in Latin to Always Strong, with the purpose to strengthen, innovate and add value to the esports ecosystem by combining the best in business practices and technology. LEARN MORE Welcome to SEMPER FORTIS.

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Investing in Esports. From an investment perspective, though esports revolves around competitive gaming, it is ultimately a digital media and entertainment investment opportunity. So, now is a great time to invest in esports, many investors might find it challenging to navigate its complexity, but this complexity translates to a vast, broad range of investment opportunities as the challenge. Esports; Interviews; Business; Investment; Ticker Tape by TradingView. Featured Interview. Minaean SP Construction: Advancing Towards Closing Significant International Construction Contracts . Jun 17, 2021. Latest Interviews 'Small Pharma Was Established to Make Medicine' - Peter Jun 17, 2021. Tyler Beuerlein, Hypur: Federal Cannabis Legalization a Jun 14, 2021. Melise Panetta on. In part 2 of this conversation, Arnold talks about uneven access to esports platforms, global 5G networks and their effect on mobile gaming, and cultural barriers, diversity, and gender equality in gaming. Read More . Private Investing Survey: Partnering with Millenial and GenZ Students to Learn. In early 2021, Linqto private investing commissioned an opinion survey project with a public.

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No ge.globo você encontra a melhor cobertura sobre o Futebol e Outros Esportes, no Brasil e no Mundo: Notícias, Vídeos, Tabelas, Agenda e muito mais ESPORTS BOXING CLUB'S roster will increase every Season. This model will keep regular content coming with Legends and Rising-Stars being added throughout the lifetime of ESBC. Also available will be a complete Character-Creator suite using high quality visuals. Check out our growing Roster below! ROSTER. 7. Championship Titles. Fight for the coveted 'Green and Gold' WBC belt, secure your. ESL Play is the world's largest independent league for esports. Established in 1997, we're proud to be the home to those who love competitive gaming 年々esportsの規模は拡大している。 この動きを支えているのは、スポンサー費、つまりは 「企業の投資」 である。 多種多様な企業が様々な形で投資を行っている。. 私は思う。 esportsの流れを掴む ためにも、 esportsの道に進もうとするため にも、はたまた esports関連事業の株を持ちたい場合. Mousesports' long time partner, BenQ, recently announced their investment in ZOWIE Gear and will establish the brand as the new standard for high-end eSports-equipment. BenQ has been our head sponsor since 2013 and after three very successful years, it is only fitting, that we continue the partnership. The new ZOWIE brand will combine excellence in gaming monitors and eSports equipment.

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ESPORTS INVESTMENT DAY. A new horizon for investors. 28 abril, 11:30. SOBRE EL EVENTO. Acompañados por más de 10 expertos de los esports, analizaremos el sector con una visión 360 para conocer las claves de la inversión en este candente sector, desde la visión más macro de la industria hasta la visión más micro con casos de éxito. Finalizaremos el evento, conociendo prometedores. NRG Esports. Call of Duty, Overwatch. $155M. T1. League of Legends. $150M. When compared to traditional sports valuations, esports companies have already reached major league hockey status. TSM, the world's most valuable esports company in 2020, has a higher valuation than five NHL franchises

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eSports dürfte sich das Engagement aber, stärker noch als in der Vergangenheit, in immer mehr Fällen auszahlen. 2.5. Investoren erwarten den Boom Die Zahl der eSports-Fans in Deutschland bietet bereits heute ein enormes Vermarktungspotenzial, und der Markt verspricht weiteres Wachstum. Fast folgerichtig stiegen zuletzt die Investitionen in Ligen, Teams, Spieler und jene Unternehmen, die Pro. The coming year will see the Esports Economy grow to $696 million, a year-on-year growth of 41.3%. Brands are expected to spend $517 million, broken down into $155 million on advertising, $266 million on sponsorship, and a further $95 million on media rights. Brand investment will double by 2020, pushing the total market to $1.5 billion Profitability and return on investment is, for many organizations at the heart of the Esports Economy, a challenge. Global Esports Viewers Will Total 380 Million This Year. The global esports audience will reach 380 million this year, made up of 165 million Esports Enthusiasts and 215 million Occasional Viewers. Based on our audience and. ‎In this podcast we discuss the significance of investors into eSport teams along with their current roles to impact the company. We will also take a look at the current declaration of war between YouTube and Twitch after the the announcement of acquiring licensing right for ESC and ESL. Please giv

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